Why You Should Avoid Using Large Hashtags

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If you are a yogi and you post on Instagram using the hashtag #Yoga, do you know how many millions of posts you are competing against to get yours seen?

59,676,703 at the time of writing this post.

Not only are you competing with that many other posts, you are also being very broad with your marketing and not honing in on your target audience and niche, which is the secret to success in the online world.

Let’s face it, if you conduct yoga classes in central London, you are probably not looking for people in Australia to follow you unless they are moving to London and want to find a yoga class to attend.

In this short video exercise, I explain how you can do the research to use smaller hashtags on Instagram to be able to reach a much more targeted audience.

If you want to learn more about how to do the research for your hashtags on Instagram, grab my free Hashtag Stepping Guide. This guide shows you my top 5 golden rules for hashtags, what hashtag stepping is and how to do it.